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Each printing of every pattern will have an edition number in the bottom left corner, on the back. This is a list of corrections for each edition, with the correct information. 

ISD-203 PR1

Two of the fabric descriptions were transposed on the back. Since this includes yardage considerations we have recalled these patterns. If you already purchased one, you can print out a new and accurate pattern back here.


Purple Ombré/4 shades



1/2 yd

1/4 yd

Used For

Waves & Sandbar

Corners & Dark Body

ISD-201 (First Printing)

There was a typo in the measurements.

Cut List:

  • Background Sky: 27½ x 15½

Cut List:

  • Background Sky: 27½ x 15½

The sashing measurements for the new Elemental Quilts are different than the original Earth Dragon. New editions will be preadjusted. If you would like your quilt to have the same measurements as the new patterns, make the following changes:

  • Brown Batik: (2) 27½ x 3¾ strips, (2) 15½ x 3¾ strips

  • Dark Blue: (2) 27½ x 2¾ strips, (2) 15½ x 2¾ strips

  • Purple: (4) 4½ x 4½ squares

  • Light Gray: (4) 4½ x 2½ pieces, (4) 6½ x 2½ pieces

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